Environment & Urbanism

For any information, communicate with Jonathan Hamel.

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License and certificate

Every owners have to get a license for:

  • any building construction, renovation ou démolition
  • installation or repair of septic system;
  • installation of wharves, bank of watercourse improvement.

The application muste be done at least a month before beginning the project star. Please comunicate with the municipal inspector to fix an appointement .

There's also some programs trough the MRC.



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Draining septic sludge


Thoroughly dig the two lids of your pit and see that the barrier giving access to your property is open.

The council of your MRC of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and that of the Municipality of Denholm have agreed that the future of our development depends on the preservation of the quality of the natural environment, as much for economic reasons as for reasons public health.

Consequently, the MRC and all the municipalities concerned have decided to protect their plans and watercourses by implementing the "Integrated Sludge Management Program" for the entire territory of the MRC.

The service of emptying, collection of transport of septic sludge and sewage continues this year.

Beaver dam

We advise you that if you wish to dismantle a beaver dam on your property, you must at all times communicate with the Municipality at 819-457-2992 or with the Société de la Faune et Parcs du Québec at 819-772-3434, extension 249.